Self Acceptance and Self Love

Self acceptance and self-love in my opinion are more important than most realize. For example some people are so co dependent that they forget to be their own whole and unique person. Then again growing up as an only child I learned how to entertain myself without the help of anyone else. I have also watched people who grow into these false realities because they never accepted who they were as a person and in their forties do not understand why they are completely and utterly miserable with every aspect of their lives.

Growing up without siblings there is an abundance of self-reflection time. Let me tell you sooner or later that leads one into a path of is this who I really am or is that. This also lead to having full-out debates with myself out loud arguing both sides of the topic from time to time and still to this day. If Being an only child ever came with a benefit it was that I always had to be okay with who I was growing up because most of the time it was just me. People always pity us only children for not having that sibling bond, but I see now as an adult that there are some unfair advantages such as: enjoying alone time, more independence, and often growing up as your own person instead of in someone else’s shadow.

I have known in my heart who I was as a person since I was just five years old so I guess self acceptance has always been a part of my life even when I hid it from the outside world. Once you accept and embrace who you really are as a person I guarantee the right people and the right opportunities in life will begin to show up. Yes certain people will also probably walk out on you, but don’t worry they weren’t supposed to be there anyway.

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