Create The Life You Want

No matter your beliefs or stance on anything you’re not going to magically start living the life you have always dreamed of unless you take action and start working towards your next goal.

Yes you aren’t going to be the next big thing over night, but who cares everybody has to start somewhere right. No matter the task at hand you should approach all your goals with a “one step at a time” mindset.

You may think that your dreams are too big or far-fetched, but if you broke it down to achievable and realistic baby steps that you could start taking whenever you see fit.

Yes your dream may have to be your side hustle to your main job until you can fully supplement your income and pay all your bills with your side hustle but as I was saying it is doable. You have to start small before you can go big remember that.

You might have to work a job that you hate that pays the bills for a while I’m sorry this one’s just reality. No matter the goal if you take small steps toward it each day you will get closer even if it is just one step at a lime.

It doesn’t matter what your goals are if you want to achieve greatness in life you are going to have to learn how to hustle in each and every way. No more of this half your effort stuff you need to start putting your full effort into all the things you do and really set the life you want to live into motion.

No part of getting to the top is going to be easy whether it’s a personal goal, health goal, or a career goal believe me I’ve been recovering from paralysis for roughly 45 months and likely have at least a few years before I reach a full recovery.


Successful VS. Fulfilling

As you probably already know everyone is looking for something in life. Some are looking for love, fame or success, But I am just looking for fulfillment. if you’re looking for success you are going to constantly the opinions of others and their judgements toward you, whereas a fulfilling life comes from within by meeting your own standards and expectations. I’m sorry, but none of my goals in life need to be approved or applauded by anyone other than myself. If you are happy and not causing anyone any harm why would anyone else’s opinion matter.

With social media it seems that we have come to a point where most people are posting play by plays of their life silently begging for their friends’ approval. Some of you may even remember a time in our lives before social media where nobody knew when you were doing anything unless you had called someone and made plans with them. Nobody knew when you were getting ice cream or going to the gym and back then it did not affect their day.

I know it might take a miracle, but I would love to see a higher percentage of people in the world in search of fulfillment instead of success.  People seem to have forgotten that you yourself are the only person that will truly understand your great accomplishments. Nobody has experienced the same things as you so it is virtually impossible for them to understand why your goals are what they are. With that alone you should stop letting other people determine how well you live your life and start judging your accomplishments yourself.

Get out there, fulfill your soul’s needs and be happy.

Alt. Ed. Vs. Mainstream

Being an alternate education graduate who has seen both sides of the education system I do not understand why there is so much stigma towards alternate education. In mainstream education everyone is set to learn material at the same pace and only in one way. Knowing that we all learn different ways and at different speeds I believe that it is complete B.S. that mainstream is still the Norm in today’s day. If I had not switched to alternate education before my stroke I would have been put an entire year behind once I had my stroke and that would have been really unfortunate.

My Alternate education program was essentially distance education held in a classroom where there was  a teacher and support staff if you needed help. For those who had jobs we were able to schedule school around work, which was really convenient for those who needed to work. Even taking a semester off of actual school work and working during my grade twelve year I finished school early and got to chill out for a couple of months before my convocation and exams. Yes I had to be internally motivated and figuratively kicked in the butt some days, but Alt. was definitely the way to go for me.

I have never needed someone to give a lesson out of the textbook for a course when I can literally read it word for word by myself. In most mainstream classes I finished the worksheets and assignments for the class while the teacher was giving the lesson while I pretended to follow along. I think it’s time we stopped treating mainstream as the norm and start normalizing alternate education because we all learn differently. If I had always been able to learn at my own pace I probably could have graduated a year or two early full of facts I would never use in adult life.

My First Book Reveal

This Past thursday I did the reveal of my book to the ladies I dedicated it to and I have to say it went a lot better than I had originally anticipated. It had been arranged a while ago that I would speak at the end of my old alternate education program’s graduation this year. The teacher, one of the dedicatees had kind of forgot so fortunately one of the other staff members introduced me at the end haha. I had a good idea of what I wanted to say, but rarely do I ever write out a speech or presentation that’s just not how I roll.

By the time I was just a couple sentences into my speech a lot of people were in tears. I was going for heartfelt, but I was really only expected the two ladies receiving the dedication and signed copies of the book to get emotional. Then I got emotional because I am one of those people that sometimes cries when multiple other people are crying. There was a lot of crying, it did get a little intimidating. It was heartwarming to see their reactions, too me I was just giving two people the credit they deserved.

After finding my way back to my seat it was not long before I got an influx of congratulatory handshakes and a lot of requests for my card; I’m so thankful I brought an extra stack in my messenger bag. I’m not going to lie at times it was a little overwhelming, but even a day later as I write this I’m still riding out a high on life state from all the love and support I felt there. All in all I think it was a success and am so glad that I had the reveal arranged.

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Are You Self Evaluating Your Life?

You are the only person out there who knows the truest version of yourself. In turn would be on of the best to evaluate if you’re honest with yourself. I have always been fairly self-aware and embrace the flaws I have instead of lying to myself about them. Being able to break down your actions and behaviors can be difficult, but once you do you will stop relying as much on other people’s opinions. If you are able to acknowledge and accept your flaws you are much less likely to get emotional or overreact when someone points these things out.

Self evaluation and self-reflection join hand in hand in this process as it takes a lot of analysis. The first few times it may get a little strenuous recalling and breaking down your actions, but it does get easier. At first once you realize the action or habit that needs improvement you may be a little surprised. Before getting to a point of excepting my flaws I had to explore the root of these flaws and either fix them or just accept them and try to move on. Self evaluation is not easy to do completely honestly at all times, but it will help out in the future.

I had taken workshops on being self-aware and mindful before the stroke, but it was not until after my stroke that I implemented the teachings into my own life. When one spends more hours than they would like to admit sitting in a hospital bed in a room lacking any visual stimulation there is lots of time for self-reflection and evaluation. There was enough time to calculate the hours I needed to put into each part of my recovery to meet my weekly recovery goals. Consistent evaluation in everything I do is what got me to where I am today.

It’s Already June

Personally I cannot believe how fast this year is going by, yes up until a couple of weeks I was pretty much engulfed in my book, but I’m still surprised. I hope this year has been as good to each of you as it has to me. So far I think I can make 2017 as my best year yet even with the set backs. If you asked me a year ago where I thought I would be today there is no way that I would have seen myself where I am. A year ago I never expected that I would have gotten my book written, edited, and published, but here I am.

This year has been overflowing with love and joy, after sending a bunch of friendships to the chopping block at the beginning of the year there was no room for the doubters, haters, and naysayers. I am finally at that glorious stage of positive vibes only and everyone knows that I will not stand for any negativity. to tie into my last post this year the standards were not just raised they were doubled. I got to a point where I needed my friendships to be all or nothing, either here for the long haul or non-existent.

Other than writing a book and starting my second one there has been a lot of time to shed some light and bring clarity upon what I want from life. I have come to realize that I have several options depending on where things fork out down the road. It will truly come down to time and circumstance when I need to make those calls. This year I have realized that I am exactly where I need to be to reach any and all of my dreams and that has been quite a relief.

How has your year been going so far?

Keep Moving Forward 

I promise that no matter your goals or the industry there will always be set backs or times when things are not moving as quickly towards your goal as you would like.This is where you need to persevere and keep moving forward your goals no matter how large or small are worth the effort. I cannot tell you the amount of times I wanted to give up on my paralysis/ stroke recovery (Mostly because I stopped counting after twenty-five).

Perseverance is something that I notice my generation lacking a lot of these days and they wonder why they are not successful. This makes me glad that my mother made me take nine years of martial arts as a child. I may have hated most of it, but it still taught me the discipline I needed to be successful in all other areas of life.

As difficult as moving forward can be it is very important if you ever want to achieve anything. Then there are goals that are other’s expectations mirrored onto us, and those goals suck. It is even more difficult to reach a goal when you have no interest and the drive behind it is not your own. If someone demands that I do something or meet their expectations to meet what they think I should be doing with my life the chances of me doing it are zip, zilch, zero, none. Doing something just to maintain face and entertain certain people is never worth it so stop trying.