Self Acceptance and Self Love

Self acceptance and self-love in my opinion are more important than most realize. For example some people are so co dependent that they forget to be their own whole and unique person. Then again growing up as an only child I learned how to entertain myself without the help of anyone else. I have also watched people who grow into these false realities because they never accepted who they were as a person and in their forties do not understand why they are completely and utterly miserable with every aspect of their lives.

Growing up without siblings there is an abundance of self-reflection time. Let me tell you sooner or later that leads one into a path of is this who I really am or is that. This also lead to having full-out debates with myself out loud arguing both sides of the topic from time to time and still to this day. If Being an only child ever came with a benefit it was that I always had to be okay with who I was growing up because most of the time it was just me. People always pity us only children for not having that sibling bond, but I see now as an adult that there are some unfair advantages such as: enjoying alone time, more independence, and often growing up as your own person instead of in someone else’s shadow.

I have known in my heart who I was as a person since I was just five years old so I guess self acceptance has always been a part of my life even when I hid it from the outside world. Once you accept and embrace who you really are as a person I guarantee the right people and the right opportunities in life will begin to show up. Yes certain people will also probably walk out on you, but don’t worry they weren’t supposed to be there anyway.

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After Self Love

After you start Unconditionally loving yourself there will be some pretty major changes in how ou live life as well as the prospective you see things from. In your journey of self-love you will likely start embracing and working towards your true self because you start to believe in who you are as a person and will realise that you are better of to be unique than another “sheep”. After finding self love and embracing it you may also start to unconditionally love everything and everyone around you while supporting and even embracing everyone’s individual path.

After realizing how much I loved who I was becoming as a person I  started working on listening to my body and it’s needs when taking things one day at a time.  Living in the moment instead of the past or the future is a really beautiful thing, it has resulted in feeling about fifty times better than I did living life in the fast lane more on par with society’s views. I’m a firm believer in getting back what you put out into the world and that’s why I do my best to live out each moment with loving intentions.

If I had  done this weeks photo shoot five months ago it would have had an entire different feel as I was not yet at a place of self-love, instead I was at the beginning of an enlightening and fulfilling journey. I bet if someone was able to meet me now and five months ago they would see a completely different person as that is how much self love changed my whole life.



Stay True to Your Values

In parts  of the world it is acceptable to completely disregard our values just to gain more friends or to be popular. This leads to confusion when people realize a portion of the acquaintances in their life really are not their friends. funny how you won’t have many genuine friends if you disregard your values. Maybe we should give up on the concept of being popular or famous and just surround ourselves with real and awesome people.

Personally I have always done my best to stick to my values, and let me tell you it can be a very lonely road at times. From my early teens until know it has kept my social circles small due to not needing any artificial friends in the picture. I have always been a bit of a loner, but that is due to I would rather have four quarters than one hundred pennies if you know what I’m saying.

It does not even matter what your values are, if you stick to them the right people will come into your life and it will not matter if there are only a handful of them. In a world where we are meant to fit in and conform to everyone else, please be true to you and stand out. Why would you want to be just like anyone else when you can be unique like you?



Rolling With the Punches 

We should all set out each day to live life to the fullest, but on the same note we need to remember to take care of ourselves as well. The last stretch of my book I definitely neglected my needs and two weeks later here I am getting over the last of the head cold I got from neglecting my needs. Male sure that you stay active, eat as best you can, and get enough rest. 

Remember to fuel your body

Proper nutrition is a big part of staying healthy and not getting sick. Instead of writing or creating of any kind for endless continuous hours take breaks for food when you would normally eat. No matter the project there is always time to take ten minutes or even an hour to make food and properly feed your body. And no I don’t mean go to protein shakes and liquid food just because they are quick and easy.

Get enough rest

Instead of drinking coffee like a college student drinks beer you should cut off your caffeine at a point where you can get a full night of rest. It does not matter if you are one if those people that can pull an all nighter without any caffeine what so ever like me. Instead of straining your body why not go to bed and repay your body with some restful sleep.

Stay active 

If nothing else just go outside for a fifteen minute to half hour walk and get some sunshine. Just incase you didn’t know the sun is beneficial to the human body as that is one of the best free sources of vitamin D. Yes I know that artists and writers love to live like vampires and rarely see the sun, but it is so good for you so just do it. I promise that if you start trying to listen to your body and take care of it accordingly you will start to feel much better. 

Cheers , 


It’s Your Life

You are the only one who has to live with each and every decision that you have made and will make. Who cares if you’re being judged for doing things your way and not the same as everyone else. If all your friends jumped off a bridge would you do it to? I sure hope not. You don’t have to live up to other people think you should do with your life. Instead you should go live your dreams and start trusing your gut through situations. 

Thankfully my whole life I’ve had great supports abd a small portion of my family encouraging me to do what ever makes me happy and gets me closer to my goals. When I cut a lot of people out of my life at the beginning of the year the nay sayers were on the list along with the ones that say, ” if you do said thing I’ll be disappointed in you”. I’m sorry but I think I’m going to continue to live my way and given that I don’t fit your perfect family image isn’t my issue it’s yours. Life is too short to keep people around that are unsupportive of who you are as a person. 

Please chase your dreams, if you have to work a minimum wage job to save up to peruse those dreams than do it. After you come up with a plan and you can do it financially go for it. It is much better to try and not male it in the end than to not even attempt and live a life full of regrets. I happen to have a lot of things I want to do kind of like a bucket list. I started crossing things off that list last year.

People when making a life decision always trust your guy if you get a bad or negative feeling about it it’s probably the wrong choice. You may not even have evidence of something being the wrong choice, but your body still tells you not to do it.



Believe In Yourself

There’s so much self-doubt in the world today from being horrible to each other. Whether it’s in person or any other form such as social media It seems like people are always trying to break others down. No matter what you’ve endured in life I hope that you still love yourself enough to go out and accomplish your goals and chase those dreams. I can guarantee that If you don’t believe in  yourself its highly unlikely than anyone else will either. Take the time to both hone your skill or craft and get out there and do it.

Instead of letting people tell you what you can and cannot do decide that you can do that thing. If you start believing in yourself those thoughts turn into actions and then eventually all those positive thoughts of believing in yourself will come into action. It doesn’t even matter what it is, It could be anything from mastering a certain style of art or getting a degree, or even starting your own business.

There were many things in life that I never thought I would accomplish, but I believed in the process and took it day by day until I got there. I never thought that I would be this far along in my stroke recovery in just three years, I never thought I would be training for pole fitness again at all, but I do that too. I wasn’t sure I would make it through the darkest period of grieving one of my favourite people’s death, but I had hope and made it through that to.  Doctors said I wouldn’t walk again unaided or regain any of my peripheral vision, I did some reasearch on neuroplasty and I got to work because I wanted both of those back.

Please believe in yourself,


Be Your Own Priority 

The longest relationship you’re going to have is the one you have with yourself so you better make it last. It’s great to help out others whenever you, but you need to male sure that you’re meeting your needs as well. Being one of my top priorities has significantly changed the way I view most things in life. The biggest one is the way I view being single.

Embrace it when you need to take time for yourself. Be mindful and notice when your body tells you to take a step back and get centered. One of the biggest things I’ve learned from taking a step back is that when you take a step back people might get a little pissed off. Every year for the past three years I’ve stepped away from more and more in the community to the point where i currently have very little community involvement at all. year I have set time aside each day just to meditate because that’s one thing that keeps me the most balanced other than exercise. 

I’ve stepped back from all forms of activism and involvement and suddenly my life is basically stress free and I can almost sleep every night at a regular time. I miss helping with the events and the stage, but the next time I’m involved in the community where I live it will likely be more directly with a charity, I want to see a lot of changes n the world abd eventually I’ll be out there trying to make that happen.

Making myself a top priority changed the way I see being single, I used to hate being single never wanting to be alone and now feel just the opposite. Now I love being single, I love never second guessing what I’m doing or how the person I’m woth may be feeling. After my last breakup I realized how much I love being by myself completely alone. Yes one day I hope to be married and adopt kids, but right now I’m great being single. While half my friends are out getting hitched I’ll be at home just trying to fix my fine motor skills so I can do everything I used to and more.