Starting To Get Reviews

I’ve started to get some reviews of Paralysis: Beating The Odds and I’m absolutely loving what the first two have to say.  Paralysis: Beating The Odds


Mind Blowing Changes 

Thankfully now that my body is physically very close to recovering my optic nerve has apparently started to heal. It is both very stage and very confusing to be seeing more than I did yesterday. Today was productive and yet a little more laid back than normal. Started the day off with some coffee and a solo dance party as per usual when I have the house to myself. Then caught up with a friend which I followed with a nice relaxing meditation. Then also as per my new normal I am ending the day with some writing. 

I’m really excited that my visual field loss (peripheral vision) has started to improve at a more noticeable rate. Honestly it’s onr of the most confusing things I’ve been throug, but it’s so awesome and mind blowing at the same time. Personally vision recovery alays comes as a shock to me because it takes a bit to realize why everything I’m looking at looks different than it normally does. Usually I realize within a couple hours of being awake, but it is also kind of painful. The strain on the over stimulated optic nerve usually results in a headache or a migraine for a couple days. Thankfully at least right now it’s only a headache.

Literally nothing males my day better than starting it off cutting loose and just dancing by myself. Even if I had already woken up in a great mood perhaps a 10/10 that ten can turn into a 13 or 15/10 so during this stage of not working a nine to five I will definitely continue to do it just to make my day better. I have found that on days where I skip the solo dance party I’m antsy for the rest of the day and am by far not as productive. I Think that if a person is able to start their day in a way that’ll enhance itthat they shold take advantage of the opportunity. 

Writing the night away as normal is also a great part of my day. It’s very cathartic to get whatever thoughts floating around in my head out on paper. It leaves me actually sleeping for several consecutive hours at a time. I’ve noticed that there’s also been an in crease in the fluidity of my individual finger movements so typing everything out has also got a lot easier. 

Talk soon,