Make Peace With The Past

No matter your background or you come from we all have a part or parts of our journey we are not proud of. Instead of dwelling on the past and wishing you had done something differently accept that the past is the past and try to make sure you do not end up there again. I promise that no matter how much you think about it you won’t change anything so chin up and keep moving forward. Try to remember that those rough patches likely helped shape you into the stronger person you are today. If you don’t like who you are today start taking steps towards being the person you’ve always dreamed of being.

Focusing on your past is just as bad as focusing on the future without being able to see the present moment for its entirety. I guess between having a stroke and losing my best friend within the same year taught me that nothing is guaranteed. Personally certain things in the past just make me sad and that’s enough of a reason to focus on the present with a relatively positive outlook. Life happens and then it either breaks us or changes us. I’m a firm believer in everything happening for a reason, if something happens more than once you obviously didn’t learn the lesson. That being said everyone you meet comes into your life for a reason, not everyone is going to be a blessing. Some people only come into your lives to treat you a lesson.

If you continue to dwell on the past instead of reflecting, assessing and moving on you are not giving yourself a chance. Instead of chaining yourself to the past and any mistakes or situations let yourself move forward. Give yourself a chance to change and move forward maybe even building something better. You may not think you deserve it, but you are also the only one setting limits on yourself from making the future better for yourself.


Let Go

“The Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step – Lao Tzu”

Whatever it is that is holding you from moving forward in life needs to be let go. No matter whether it is in life, health or your mental being. Yes unfortunate situations happen and most of us hold on to them dragging that baggage with us for much longer than we should. Depending on what you are holding on to it could also be affecting more than just one area of your life and being. The sooner you deal with whatever it is the sooner you will be free from it either.

Letting something go can be a long and painful process, but once you get there you will see that the process is invaluable. for example at least for me a big part of letting go of what happened and starting to get through the grief was getting memorial ink. As soon as the piece was done a weight was lifted off my shoulders and I started to see the light in each day again.

There are countless things that you could be holding onto that hold you back, it could be confidence or self-worth related. It could be something along the lines of being afraid to experience something else incase it does not work out. For me to let go of my baggage I had to implement a lot of mindful practice and meditation into my life, solely focusing on making each day better than the last. One day I woke up and knew it was time to just accept that what is done is done and sometimes we just have to learn to live life like each day is your last instead of dreading every minute. I promise that each step gets easier than the last when you’re headed in the right direction.

After Self Love

After you start Unconditionally loving yourself there will be some pretty major changes in how ou live life as well as the prospective you see things from. In your journey of self-love you will likely start embracing and working towards your true self because you start to believe in who you are as a person and will realise that you are better of to be unique than another “sheep”. After finding self love and embracing it you may also start to unconditionally love everything and everyone around you while supporting and even embracing everyone’s individual path.

After realizing how much I loved who I was becoming as a person I  started working on listening to my body and it’s needs when taking things one day at a time.  Living in the moment instead of the past or the future is a really beautiful thing, it has resulted in feeling about fifty times better than I did living life in the fast lane more on par with society’s views. I’m a firm believer in getting back what you put out into the world and that’s why I do my best to live out each moment with loving intentions.

If I had  done this weeks photo shoot five months ago it would have had an entire different feel as I was not yet at a place of self-love, instead I was at the beginning of an enlightening and fulfilling journey. I bet if someone was able to meet me now and five months ago they would see a completely different person as that is how much self love changed my whole life.



Rolling With the Punches 

We should all set out each day to live life to the fullest, but on the same note we need to remember to take care of ourselves as well. The last stretch of my book I definitely neglected my needs and two weeks later here I am getting over the last of the head cold I got from neglecting my needs. Male sure that you stay active, eat as best you can, and get enough rest. 

Remember to fuel your body

Proper nutrition is a big part of staying healthy and not getting sick. Instead of writing or creating of any kind for endless continuous hours take breaks for food when you would normally eat. No matter the project there is always time to take ten minutes or even an hour to make food and properly feed your body. And no I don’t mean go to protein shakes and liquid food just because they are quick and easy.

Get enough rest

Instead of drinking coffee like a college student drinks beer you should cut off your caffeine at a point where you can get a full night of rest. It does not matter if you are one if those people that can pull an all nighter without any caffeine what so ever like me. Instead of straining your body why not go to bed and repay your body with some restful sleep.

Stay active 

If nothing else just go outside for a fifteen minute to half hour walk and get some sunshine. Just incase you didn’t know the sun is beneficial to the human body as that is one of the best free sources of vitamin D. Yes I know that artists and writers love to live like vampires and rarely see the sun, but it is so good for you so just do it. I promise that if you start trying to listen to your body and take care of it accordingly you will start to feel much better. 

Cheers ,