Thank You: Neuro Science

Had I never read The Brain That Changes Itself when I was in sixth grade I never would have known that overcoming my stroke and hemiplegia years down the road was a possibility. Each chapter of the book covers a different yet amazing recovery from various things. My sixth grade teacher thought I was crazy for trying to read something so complex at a young age and was convinced I could not understand a thing. This may come as a shock to some (that teacher included), but even though I was only eleven at the time, if I found a word I did not know and could not figure out on my own I used this magical thing called a dictionary.
That book was actually the first thing to ever capture my full attention fuelling me with a desire to learn more. If I had Never read this book I likely would not have agreed to a second brain surgery with a significantly higher risk factor. I knew that no matter what happened or how many years it took to recover that I could do it. Without neuro Science there wouldn’t be neurology or neuro surgeons. Yes I am still recovering from my stroke and hemiplegia forty-five months later and probably at least a few years more, but one day I will get there.

For those of you that are amazed by the attitude I have had throughout my recovery journey and would like to understand it I urge you to read this book. If nothing else I bet that you will gain a new perspective and quite possibly some inspiration to apply to other aspects of life. I’m thankful for the various levels of neuro Science because without them all I would still have seizures at least a couple of times a week and no quality of life. Yes daily activities are a struggle as I retrain my hand but it is a much better trade-off because one day I will be fully recovered.

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Thank you Jane from For the very generous awards nominations this year I am beyond honoured to receive both of these blogging awards. Honestly I do not really know what to say, when I got word of the nominations I was actually ready to put my pen down for good, I feel like I’m probably not allowed to do that now.

Again thank you Jane for the nomination.