Successful VS. Fulfilling

As you probably already know everyone is looking for something in life. Some are looking for love, fame or success, But I am just looking for fulfillment. if you’re looking for success you are going to constantly the opinions of others and their judgements toward you, whereas a fulfilling life comes from within by meeting your own standards and expectations. I’m sorry, but none of my goals in life need to be approved or applauded by anyone other than myself. If you are happy and not causing anyone any harm why would anyone else’s opinion matter.

With social media it seems that we have come to a point where most people are posting play by plays of their life silently begging for their friends’ approval. Some of you may even remember a time in our lives before social media where nobody knew when you were doing anything unless you had called someone and made plans with them. Nobody knew when you were getting ice cream or going to the gym and back then it did not affect their day.

I know it might take a miracle, but I would love to see a higher percentage of people in the world in search of fulfillment instead of success.  People seem to have forgotten that you yourself are the only person that will truly understand your great accomplishments. Nobody has experienced the same things as you so it is virtually impossible for them to understand why your goals are what they are. With that alone you should stop letting other people determine how well you live your life and start judging your accomplishments yourself.

Get out there, fulfill your soul’s needs and be happy.


Embrace Your Path

If and when you figure out what you are going to do with life there are going to be doubters and hater. You need to take those negative nancy’s and use them as motivation to not give up and prove them wrong when you are doing your thing living the dream. Life is meant to be lived so get out there and live it, no more being stagnant.

It can take quite some time to find your path, but when you do you will know because everything will start to fall into place and it will just feel right. Finding your path may be a shocking experience for you as it may not have been anything you had ever thought about doing. One thing for sure is that once you are on your right path everything begins to feel a lot more natural in ones day-to-day life.

Some people live their entire lives not on their path or even trying to follow their dreams whatever they may be and that’s just sad. I cannot imagine what it would e like to not be following my dreams or doing something fulfilling. I guess I would be full of regrets and definitely have less stories to tell. Once you know what you want from life I hope you figure out some smart goals and take small steps each day towards getting to where you want to be. The best part of doing your own thing is proving all the nay sayers and haters that not only could you do it, but you actually did when you are successful at said thing.