Move On

When you are unhappy with something in your life or maybe unhappy with most of your life it should be clear to you that you need to make some changes. We as people often forget that nothing lasts forever as well as the fact that we do posses the abilities to make the necessary changes in your life. There are many ways that you can do this. In the past I have shown that my favourite way to do this Is to pack a bag or two with necessities and my laptop and with minimal notice hit the road. Growing up epileptic every week of my life pretty much looked the same for years on end so now as an adult when I crave a change in scenery it is a little bit more drastic of a change.

Many people say that you cannot just up and leave and start over. This is a lie. It may be expensive unless you can sell off your possessions for a decent price, but not impossible. Knowing that I hope to start fresh and move out of my current city in four or so years I’m really trying to keep everything to a minimum. I’m lucky that there are a few charities in the area that are always looking for donations of house hold items and gently used clothing. I give away a large bag of stuff at least every other month of things I no longer use. Before the stroke I had much more of an attachment to my things so I had a lot more stuff and it was more difficult to get rid of stuff. Now that’s a lot different other than my laptop, camera, and art and writing  supplies I could walk away from everything and not feel a thing.

Honestly most people go for less drastic change when they need to switch things up in life. For example dying your hair or getting a new haircut. Some go for a minor wardrobe update and do some shopping. Others take up a new sport to add to their already existing workout routine. While some people rarely change at all and just take a week or so long vacation when they need a change. For some these methods work. When something no longer works or fits your needs or lifestyle do not be afraid to change and move on.


We All Change

For Better or for worse we all change at various times throughout or lives. As people in an ever changing world I that we need to learn to embrace change instead of resent or fight it. There has been enough change in my life over the last two years that when I walk into a room all these people think they know me, but really they have no clue who I am or what I stand for. For me Moving away and being a “free little bird” was the biggest game changer for me.

When I graduated high school I took a job in central Alberta because I hated where I was at and knew that I needed to leave if I wanted to make change happen. I was in a bigger city where I knew nobody and didn’t know where anything was and it was just what I needed. Getting out of the toxic place I grew up in forced me to find out who I was instead of continuing to try to be what everyone expected of me. I started doing things for fun and taking time to find out where my passions truly were and it was a wake up call. It turned out that I was really just living the life everyone expected of me instead of living for me.

Despite being back in my home town for a bit, It is completely different being back here. With almost a year in Alberta I found me and I grew into who I wanted to be as a person and it’s very different from who I am today. We need change despite being unsure or nervous about it. If I hadn’t gone and done some successful soul-searching and found my people My life would look a lot different from it does today. That in itself makes me happy I left.



Know Yourself 

One of the toughest things in life is knowing who you are and sticking to your values. There are going to be times in life where you aren’t sure who you are or what you want from life, but you’ll figure it out. There will probably even be times where you make drastic changes in your life in order to figure it out. There will even be times where you realize you don’t stand for the same causes or even believe in your beliefs at times.

When I was in a place where I had no clue what I was doing or even wanted to fo anyore I accepted a job offer in another province, packed up my stuff and moved with a weeks notice. At the time I thought it was a little crazy, but looking back at my decision it was definitely the right choice. That move got me our there living life day by day just making memories. I got out of my shell and realized that I wasn’t really who I thought I was. I changed my look my style and my whole life while there. I even went to school for a major I found interesting but found out I didn’t want a career in. 

When I moved back to my hometown I got a lot of backlash from not conectting with a lot of my old friends. From my side I had no desire to try and reconnect with people that I had nothing in common with anymore. I’m not at all sorry for only keeping in touch with friends that had nothing in common.  Instead I sought out groups and friends with similar interests so we had things to talk about and people that I could bounce ideas off of if need be.

I hope that you are never afraid to make changes in life because sometimes they’re necessary. Sometimes the changes are going to be scary, but you also never know how many opportunitiesyou could open yourself up to by getting out there and making vhanges. From my experience making big changes in life may close some doors, but it opened up so many more that I had never imagined.