Create The Life You Want

No matter your beliefs or stance on anything you’re not going to magically start living the life you have always dreamed of unless you take action and start working towards your next goal.

Yes you aren’t going to be the next big thing over night, but who cares everybody has to start somewhere right. No matter the task at hand you should approach all your goals with a “one step at a time” mindset.

You may think that your dreams are too big or far-fetched, but if you broke it down to achievable and realistic baby steps that you could start taking whenever you see fit.

Yes your dream may have to be your side hustle to your main job until you can fully supplement your income and pay all your bills with your side hustle but as I was saying it is doable. You have to start small before you can go big remember that.

You might have to work a job that you hate that pays the bills for a while I’m sorry this one’s just reality. No matter the goal if you take small steps toward it each day you will get closer even if it is just one step at a lime.

It doesn’t matter what your goals are if you want to achieve greatness in life you are going to have to learn how to hustle in each and every way. No more of this half your effort stuff you need to start putting your full effort into all the things you do and really set the life you want to live into motion.

No part of getting to the top is going to be easy whether it’s a personal goal, health goal, or a career goal believe me I’ve been recovering from paralysis for roughly 45 months and likely have at least a few years before I reach a full recovery.


Thank You: Neuro Science

Had I never read The Brain That Changes Itself when I was in sixth grade I never would have known that overcoming my stroke and hemiplegia years down the road was a possibility. Each chapter of the book covers a different yet amazing recovery from various things. My sixth grade teacher thought I was crazy for trying to read something so complex at a young age and was convinced I could not understand a thing. This may come as a shock to some (that teacher included), but even though I was only eleven at the time, if I found a word I did not know and could not figure out on my own I used this magical thing called a dictionary.
That book was actually the first thing to ever capture my full attention fuelling me with a desire to learn more. If I had Never read this book I likely would not have agreed to a second brain surgery with a significantly higher risk factor. I knew that no matter what happened or how many years it took to recover that I could do it. Without neuro Science there wouldn’t be neurology or neuro surgeons. Yes I am still recovering from my stroke and hemiplegia forty-five months later and probably at least a few years more, but one day I will get there.

For those of you that are amazed by the attitude I have had throughout my recovery journey and would like to understand it I urge you to read this book. If nothing else I bet that you will gain a new perspective and quite possibly some inspiration to apply to other aspects of life. I’m thankful for the various levels of neuro Science because without them all I would still have seizures at least a couple of times a week and no quality of life. Yes daily activities are a struggle as I retrain my hand but it is a much better trade-off because one day I will be fully recovered.

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