Jainey_Nessa Blogging Awards

Thank you Jane from http://www.Harmoniousjoy.com For the very generous awards nominations this year I am beyond honoured to receive both of these blogging awards. Honestly I do not really know what to say, when I got word of the nominations I was actually ready to put my pen down for good, I feel like I’m probably not allowed to do that now.

Again thank you Jane for the nomination.


Find Your Happy 

If you’ve been around for any length of time you probably understand that life happens and when it does you can lose your happiness among many other things. Lately I have been trying to find the abundance of happiness and joy that used to flow through me like blood. I’m sorry I haven’t been writing that much, but at the sane time I am not because I am trying to get back to my happy.

It was not until after I was done my book that I had realized that I lost the what was once contagious joy and happiness that radiated from me even through times of pain and sorrow. If you have been following my blog for a while you probably noticed that once the book was done my posting frequency dissipated.

A big part of writing my book was acknowledging all the things I had avoided dealing with during that time frame as my recovery was enough at the time I did not have the time or the energy to tackle anything else other than day-to-day life. Now into the better half of my recovery there has been a lot of reflection and time to accept, feel, and work through all those other things. Most days it’s at least a few hours of occupational/ physio exercises but after that I could spend a couple of hours staring at a wall while I do hand strengthening exercises. Over the last few months there has been a lot of healing so all that wall staring must be a good thing haha. I do not know that I’m ready to dive into my next book and set a deadline for it, but I am slowly getting back into writing.

No matter what life throws at you as you trek through your various journeys remember that you are not alone and that if need be you can modify the path to your goals to better suit your needs. It Is not how fast you make the journey, but the fact that you did it. Who cares if you reach your goal in two years or five years, the chances of you getting a prize for reaching the goal in a shorter period of time are slim unless you’re an Olympian.

Move On

When you are unhappy with something in your life or maybe unhappy with most of your life it should be clear to you that you need to make some changes. We as people often forget that nothing lasts forever as well as the fact that we do posses the abilities to make the necessary changes in your life. There are many ways that you can do this. In the past I have shown that my favourite way to do this Is to pack a bag or two with necessities and my laptop and with minimal notice hit the road. Growing up epileptic every week of my life pretty much looked the same for years on end so now as an adult when I crave a change in scenery it is a little bit more drastic of a change.

Many people say that you cannot just up and leave and start over. This is a lie. It may be expensive unless you can sell off your possessions for a decent price, but not impossible. Knowing that I hope to start fresh and move out of my current city in four or so years I’m really trying to keep everything to a minimum. I’m lucky that there are a few charities in the area that are always looking for donations of house hold items and gently used clothing. I give away a large bag of stuff at least every other month of things I no longer use. Before the stroke I had much more of an attachment to my things so I had a lot more stuff and it was more difficult to get rid of stuff. Now that’s a lot different other than my laptop, camera, and art and writing  supplies I could walk away from everything and not feel a thing.

Honestly most people go for less drastic change when they need to switch things up in life. For example dying your hair or getting a new haircut. Some go for a minor wardrobe update and do some shopping. Others take up a new sport to add to their already existing workout routine. While some people rarely change at all and just take a week or so long vacation when they need a change. For some these methods work. When something no longer works or fits your needs or lifestyle do not be afraid to change and move on.

Self Acceptance and Self Love

Self acceptance and self-love in my opinion are more important than most realize. For example some people are so co dependent that they forget to be their own whole and unique person. Then again growing up as an only child I learned how to entertain myself without the help of anyone else. I have also watched people who grow into these false realities because they never accepted who they were as a person and in their forties do not understand why they are completely and utterly miserable with every aspect of their lives.

Growing up without siblings there is an abundance of self-reflection time. Let me tell you sooner or later that leads one into a path of is this who I really am or is that. This also lead to having full-out debates with myself out loud arguing both sides of the topic from time to time and still to this day. If Being an only child ever came with a benefit it was that I always had to be okay with who I was growing up because most of the time it was just me. People always pity us only children for not having that sibling bond, but I see now as an adult that there are some unfair advantages such as: enjoying alone time, more independence, and often growing up as your own person instead of in someone else’s shadow.

I have known in my heart who I was as a person since I was just five years old so I guess self acceptance has always been a part of my life even when I hid it from the outside world. Once you accept and embrace who you really are as a person I guarantee the right people and the right opportunities in life will begin to show up. Yes certain people will also probably walk out on you, but don’t worry they weren’t supposed to be there anyway.

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