A Day In The Void

The following piece was inspired by a poetry reading at a local bookstore and coffee shop. I don’t think anything has come as close to describing my being since she’s been gone.

What you see standing before you isn’t me

For years I pretended, oh I tried

Behold is the shell of what I used to be

I gave into the darkness the day that she died

Almost like the ghost of what has gone in greed

I miss you old friend you are the soul that I still need

One Step At A Time

No matter the task at hand if it ever feels like a daunting weight on your shoulders just remember to take things one step at a time. Honestly you could be struggling with anything from mental health to figuring what you need to do to land that job that you have always dreamed of or even a combination of multiple things. It doesn’t make a difference what stage you are at in life there will always be something going on that you need to push through and get to the other side.

On a daily basis I have to remind myself one step at a time because I have to focus the next few or several years on retraining my hand to work like it used to so that I can pursue my next goal. To me spending my days doing retraining of my hand and re-wiring some crossed pathways is usually frustrating and at the end if the day does not seem like I’m taking steps forward but every once in a while I notice a difference that makes it worth it. I have to remind myself all the time that one day these countless hours will be worth it and I will be chasing the next dream.

Whenever you get overwhelmed by that bigger picture. Take a step back for a minute and think about the next one or two smaller steps you need to complete to get closer to the end goal. Focusing on your smaller yet just as equal successes along the way is important. Without taking the smaller steps along the way you wont reach the bigger goal i promise. Celebrate the little wins even if that’s just doing something for yourself or some well deserved self-care. In this world everyone is watching for your mistakes not your successes and that’s why you have to celebrate them yourself.

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