Modify Your Perspective

If you do not like something change it, and if you cannot change it modify your views of it. Yes this can be difficult, but being able to see things from another perspective is a great skill to have in today’s day and age. For example: back when I pretended to be a social being I really hated Mondays, but now that I’ve given into my antisocial and introverted ways I love monday’s because everyone is grumpy and nobody wants to talk. Right there is proof that changing your perspective even just slightly can make a bog difference in how you see the world around us.

Instead of always seeing the negative in a situation try to find one or two positive things or angles in each. I promise that only after a short while you will begin to see the world and the people around you in a brighter light than you did before. Like If you live somewhere where it’s generally only warm about five months of the year, don’t complain about it because it will be cold and snowy like a disturbing winter wonderland in no time. If you enjoy that heat don’t complain on the rainy days because they save you from having to water and everything gets a little more luscious.

Instead of seeing someone as dumb or unintelligent because they are not good at the same things as you, start seeing them for what they are good at. None of us are good at the same things so stop focussing on what they are  bad at and try to see what they excel in. Everyone is good at least one thing start appreciating them for it.


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