Alt. Ed. Vs. Mainstream

Being an alternate education graduate who has seen both sides of the education system I do not understand why there is so much stigma towards alternate education. In mainstream education everyone is set to learn material at the same pace and only in one way. Knowing that we all learn different ways and at different speeds I believe that it is complete B.S. that mainstream is still the Norm in today’s day. If I had not switched to alternate education before my stroke I would have been put an entire year behind once I had my stroke and that would have been really unfortunate.

My Alternate education program was essentially distance education held in a classroom where there was  a teacher and support staff if you needed help. For those who had jobs we were able to schedule school around work, which was really convenient for those who needed to work. Even taking a semester off of actual school work and working during my grade twelve year I finished school early and got to chill out for a couple of months before my convocation and exams. Yes I had to be internally motivated and figuratively kicked in the butt some days, but Alt. was definitely the way to go for me.

I have never needed someone to give a lesson out of the textbook for a course when I can literally read it word for word by myself. In most mainstream classes I finished the worksheets and assignments for the class while the teacher was giving the lesson while I pretended to follow along. I think it’s time we stopped treating mainstream as the norm and start normalizing alternate education because we all learn differently. If I had always been able to learn at my own pace I probably could have graduated a year or two early full of facts I would never use in adult life.


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