The Lies We Tell Ourselves

as adults there can be a lot of dishonesty in the sense that we hide our truths and tell ourselves lies to get through the day. These lies can be anything from telling ourselves we are ok in a rough time or situation to more interpersonal things such as a generally mean person telling themselves they are a nice person. Whether or not these lies are told in good nature we all lie as adults it is just a fact. My biggest lie is the smile that’s on my fave when I’m not suck with a grumpy scowl. I’m not a happy bubbly person, but I sure can pretend and have even become quite good at it.

One of my favorites harmless lies was telling myself that I loved a job that was eating away at me bit by bit day by day.i could sit here and tell you all about how lying is bad and you should stop, but sometimes the truth just cannot be said. I can think of countless times were avoiding the truth of a situation or telling the truth to someone would have caused a catastrophic mess. Heck our parents used to lie to us all the time to get us to do things like chores and eating our vegetables, it is just a part of reality.

Yes in the overall scheme of things lying is bad and you shouldn’t do it. Yet there are times where a small harmless “white lie” for example as a child my mother used to tell me that pork was bad chicken to convince me to eat it because I really hated pork. Fast forward to present time and I’m now mostly a vegetarian. If you’ve ever dated you’ve likely told someone you would connect with them after the first date with no intention of ever calling or sending a message after you walked out the door. We have all been there and I do not blame you at all. Sometimes it comes down to what you have to do to hurt the least amount of people in the meantime.


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