Are You Self Evaluating Your Life?

You are the only person out there who knows the truest version of yourself. In turn would be on of the best to evaluate if you’re honest with yourself. I have always been fairly self-aware and embrace the flaws I have instead of lying to myself about them. Being able to break down your actions and behaviors can be difficult, but once you do you will stop relying as much on other people’s opinions. If you are able to acknowledge and accept your flaws you are much less likely to get emotional or overreact when someone points these things out.

Self evaluation and self-reflection join hand in hand in this process as it takes a lot of analysis. The first few times it may get a little strenuous recalling and breaking down your actions, but it does get easier. At first once you realize the action or habit that needs improvement you may be a little surprised. Before getting to a point of excepting my flaws I had to explore the root of these flaws and either fix them or just accept them and try to move on. Self evaluation is not easy to do completely honestly at all times, but it will help out in the future.

I had taken workshops on being self-aware and mindful before the stroke, but it was not until after my stroke that I implemented the teachings into my own life. When one spends more hours than they would like to admit sitting in a hospital bed in a room lacking any visual stimulation there is lots of time for self-reflection and evaluation. There was enough time to calculate the hours I needed to put into each part of my recovery to meet my weekly recovery goals. Consistent evaluation in everything I do is what got me to where I am today.


One thought on “Are You Self Evaluating Your Life?

  1. It just crossed my mind that I never left the comment I intended to. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    You’re right, Addy. Self-evaluation and reflection is very essential. Yes, it can tend to be hard sometimes (particularly at the beginning, like you said) but it’s worth it.
    Because it’s a good way to measure your progress based on your goals and know whether to change strategies.
    Great post, Addy.

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