Set The Bar Higher

It is okay and completely reasonable to have high standards and expectations in today’s day and age. Many think that having high expectations and standards is bad and they are wrong. I think the saying goes something like, “aim for the moon and you land somewhere in the stars”. Yes even if you don’t reach that goal you will end up further ahead than you were before. Have high expectations and standards of not just yourself, but also the people around you. You need to have these standards to weed out the pennies and the nickels to find the dimes and quarters.

Up until my mid teens I did not have standards with my friends and it completely explains why I had so many mismatched friendships. As soon as I held my friends up to s certain level of expectation half of them were gone. Doing this I learned that no matter your standards or expectations people will always tell you to lower them when they no longer fit the bill and you’re ready to move forward. A lot of people were mad at me when I grew expectations and that was totally fine.

You also need to have high standards of yourself if you want to achieve great things. Get that degree, Take that difficult course of interest, do what you need to meet your own expectations of yourself. It is totally fine to expect more of yourself than the average Joe as well. People will criticize you for being uptight or a dreamer of having unrealistic expectations, but you won’t care because you’ll be out there doing things to better yourself or your future.


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