Finding Sanction

Growing up with a seizure disorder and not having that fix until my second brain surgery; downtime has always been important. I have always had to live my life in a way that kept my stress levels in check up until the issue was fixed. Making sure that there is time in our busy days to unwind a little bit can be extremely difficult at any stage in life.

Knowing how important relaxing and unwinding is I made sure that I turned my space into a personal sanctuary because thankfully I have an oddly narrow room that I could fit a nice high-backed reading chair and a bookshelf in. Pairing comfy furniture with a mellowed out paint tone and some bright art I ¬†got my sanction. It would be more ideal if the whole room was sound proofed so there was a polite silence, but let’s be honest I will take what I can get.

Being someone who has usually been able to take time to unwind also meant having a fairly boring scheduled childhood. Yes I got to unwind, but that’s also because the schedule looks almost identical from week to week even into my teens to prevent more seizures. NOw that I do not have these seizures there are times where I don’t live up to a schedule like clockwork and it’s an oddity to me. I enjoy the high stress super busy times because they always leave me on the edge of my seat waiting for the next thing, but don’t keep things that way often anymore. Given that we are all unique and different people all of us are going to function best through different methods with different stress levels and you really need to find what works best for you and your situation.


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