Cutting out Coffee… Failed Attempt

As some of you previously read I was trying to cut out my reliance on coffee. Yes I can cut it out and even started to feel okay, but it turns out that I do not get anything done during the day without it. It may have taken an entire hour off of my morning routine, but was not worth my lack of productivity. two weeks away did reset my tolerance a little bit though. Ultimately I wanted to go cold turkey, but clearly that was not going to work at this point in time.

The worst part of no coffee was my productivity levels… as you probably noticed I have not posted more than one blog post during this entire time. I think it’s time I tried to shift my focus onto my next novel and only posted for you guys once or twice a week. I feel fairly indifferent towards my blog right now and need to go focus on something bigger until this passes. If nothing else right now I need to go back to turning coffee into books and not just doing occupational therapy all day. One day I managed to write for most of a day, but out of a couple of weeks a single day is nothing. haha

Today I finally broke the coffee fast and not only did I write a blog post but I wrote over a thousand words of my current project. Apparently without coffee my daily routine is completely broken haha. Looks like I will be going back to a pot of coffee a day if I want to meet my personal first draft deadline. I think this experiment proved that some things just aren’t meant to be changed.


Make Peace With The Past

No matter your background or you come from we all have a part or parts of our journey we are not proud of. Instead of dwelling on the past and wishing you had done something differently accept that the past is the past and try to make sure you do not end up there again. I promise that no matter how much you think about it you won’t change anything so chin up and keep moving forward. Try to remember that those rough patches likely helped shape you into the stronger person you are today. If you don’t like who you are today start taking steps towards being the person you’ve always dreamed of being.

Focusing on your past is just as bad as focusing on the future without being able to see the present moment for its entirety. I guess between having a stroke and losing my best friend within the same year taught me that nothing is guaranteed. Personally certain things in the past just make me sad and that’s enough of a reason to focus on the present with a relatively positive outlook. Life happens and then it either breaks us or changes us. I’m a firm believer in everything happening for a reason, if something happens more than once you obviously didn’t learn the lesson. That being said everyone you meet comes into your life for a reason, not everyone is going to be a blessing. Some people only come into your lives to treat you a lesson.

If you continue to dwell on the past instead of reflecting, assessing and moving on you are not giving yourself a chance. Instead of chaining yourself to the past and any mistakes or situations let yourself move forward. Give yourself a chance to change and move forward maybe even building something better. You may not think you deserve it, but you are also the only one setting limits on yourself from making the future better for yourself.

Staying Motivated

If you have large goals that are going to take years to achieve it can be very easy to get deflated and feel like you aren’t making any progress. Personally I prefer to have a rough ten-year plan with steps I need to achieve each year to meet all the goals  on time. In most cases I get distracted by trying to complete all the smaller steps that I lose track of time and forget about how far away the final goal is. Most People call these S.M.A.R.T. goals, but I prefer to call them my tada list.

I call these my Tada lists because after I print it up and format it into a list with ticky boxes, when I cross things out I shout tada. Not only do sound effects make everything better, but having that check mark beside each thing as I go through the list is visually rewarding, but yes I realize how much of a nerd/dork I am and I have no shame in it whatsoever. I’m one of those people who needs to see that things are getting done, so this method works wonders for me.

The second biggest part of me staying motivated is truly making my goals a priority and making an effort to slowly chip away at them each day. I say try because I know that some days life just gets in the way and I do not have the time or the energy to work on the next thing on the list. Then there are those days where the desire to roll out of bed is nonexistent, this has gotten worse since I switched from a spring bed to a memory foam mattress haha. Those days I have myself half an hour to an hour to get it together and start the day, because laying in bed all day solves nothing.

Modify Your Perspective

If you do not like something change it, and if you cannot change it modify your views of it. Yes this can be difficult, but being able to see things from another perspective is a great skill to have in today’s day and age. For example: back when I pretended to be a social being I really hated Mondays, but now that I’ve given into my antisocial and introverted ways I love monday’s because everyone is grumpy and nobody wants to talk. Right there is proof that changing your perspective even just slightly can make a bog difference in how you see the world around us.

Instead of always seeing the negative in a situation try to find one or two positive things or angles in each. I promise that only after a short while you will begin to see the world and the people around you in a brighter light than you did before. Like If you live somewhere where it’s generally only warm about five months of the year, don’t complain about it because it will be cold and snowy like a disturbing winter wonderland in no time. If you enjoy that heat don’t complain on the rainy days because they save you from having to water and everything gets a little more luscious.

Instead of seeing someone as dumb or unintelligent because they are not good at the same things as you, start seeing them for what they are good at. None of us are good at the same things so stop focussing on what they are  bad at and try to see what they excel in. Everyone is good at least one thing start appreciating them for it.

An End To My Caffeine Habit

This past weekend I either had a really brilliant idea or an insanely stupid one haha. Once again I’m fed up with my lack of energy without two pots of coffee and I am going to try to cut caffeine out for at least a while. In the last few years I have only successfully cut caffeine out of my diet once and it lasted several months so this should get interesting at the very least. If I remember correctly the first couple weeks with no caffeine were really rough and I was more than a little grumpy to say the least.

Caffeine withdrawals and me do not mix well, but they are worth it almost haha. Getting to a point where Just a couple of glasses of water in the morning and being ready to go should make a couple of weeks of grumpiness worth it. I recall my mornings without caffeine like a distant childhood memory of the days I was still a morning person awake and alert at five in the morning.its been a couple of years since I have gone more than a day without coffee or a dirty chai so I think it’s time.

Day one complete already and it’s not the best feeling in the world, but in the same breath it also is not the worst. I will admit I am a little on edge so I’m being a total hermit and not leaving my house it is just for the better. Sure if it did not take over thirty ounces of coffee to wake me up I probably wouldn’t be doing this, but currently no amount of caffeine fully wakes me up. I look forward to not needing caffeine in a couple to a few weeks even if I have to lay low for a while.

Alt. Ed. Vs. Mainstream

Being an alternate education graduate who has seen both sides of the education system I do not understand why there is so much stigma towards alternate education. In mainstream education everyone is set to learn material at the same pace and only in one way. Knowing that we all learn different ways and at different speeds I believe that it is complete B.S. that mainstream is still the Norm in today’s day. If I had not switched to alternate education before my stroke I would have been put an entire year behind once I had my stroke and that would have been really unfortunate.

My Alternate education program was essentially distance education held in a classroom where there was  a teacher and support staff if you needed help. For those who had jobs we were able to schedule school around work, which was really convenient for those who needed to work. Even taking a semester off of actual school work and working during my grade twelve year I finished school early and got to chill out for a couple of months before my convocation and exams. Yes I had to be internally motivated and figuratively kicked in the butt some days, but Alt. was definitely the way to go for me.

I have never needed someone to give a lesson out of the textbook for a course when I can literally read it word for word by myself. In most mainstream classes I finished the worksheets and assignments for the class while the teacher was giving the lesson while I pretended to follow along. I think it’s time we stopped treating mainstream as the norm and start normalizing alternate education because we all learn differently. If I had always been able to learn at my own pace I probably could have graduated a year or two early full of facts I would never use in adult life.