Why Do You Do It?

No really, why do you do any of the things that you do in a day? whether you realize it or not just like the characters in the books you read we have internal and external motivators as well. Unless you are mindful and observe each thing you do a lot of people never look past the face value of doing something then wonder why they are stuck or in a rut. If you ever want to make sense of your actions figure out what that motivator is and things should be more clear.

In some senses people are like sheep rarely knowing why they are doing something, just doing as they are told fairly obediently. How different would your day-to-day actions look if you took the time to analyze the motivator behind them? Personally It looks fairly close to how things do now versus what they looked like before I took steps toward being a lot more mindful in every aspect of life. A year ago I wast trying to fit in with the rest of the world working an eight to four job that made me hate my life, so honestly I’m glad I analyzed and took steps in the right direction.

Instead of doing things because society expects me to I do things that get me closer to my next goal, which right now is the writing of two novels. Right now I have to keep in mind the bigger goal of going back to school in about a year for about six years minimum. I’m trying to keep myself as busy as possible in order to be successful when I jump into school course loads. For me the motivation behind each of my actions is “The bigger picture”.


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