Life With A Missing Sense

Personally Life after vision loss has definitely been an adventure from one day to the next. Most of the time I’m fairly well-adjusted other than when in a bright space without polarized sunglasses. All it takes to confuse my blind spots is a single glare of light and I cannot see anything clearly. whether indoor or outdoor any situations with bright lighting are the least ideal when it comes to getting my eyes to focus and see something.

Over the last few years I have adapted to relying on my ears to see a lot more than my eyes, which can get very interesting. This helps when i am in situations where I cannot get my eyes to focus to see as well as always having my blind cane with me in case I need it. Before realizing I forgot my fancy sunglasses at an event this weekend I had honestly kind of forgot how much my visual field has affected me, because I have not gone more than a day here and there without my sunglasses in years. I guess in the meantime I guess I just get to be extra blind if I head outside.

When I lost these parts of my vision the sense that compensated was definitely hearing, family would argue at times that it got worse, but the truth is it just got more selective haha. Using sound to locate the things around me can get confusing, but I can usually estimate how close or far something is from me just from its sound whether it be footsteps or a vehicle. That being said there are definitely some situations where it is virtually impossible to use sound to see such as: loud or crowded venues. In super loud settings I get lt gets confusing with a hum of noise coming from all directions and getting my eyes to stay in focus becomes extremely difficult. People assume that this makes life harder when really it just changes the way I view things (literally).


One thought on “Life With A Missing Sense

  1. That’s cool! I remember reading somewhere that losing a sense actually makes other senses stronger, and here you are, a living proof of that! I think it’s incredible that you can tell how far something is by the sound. 😀

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