Month 40 In Recovery

For the first time  in some while I seem to have plateaued a bit and that’s okay. Yes I am not progressing as much as I would like to be, but I have been fairly lazy lately. I am still seeing progress it’s just within fine motor skills so it is generally less obvious. For example unless my hand locks up  typing and writing are becoming a lot easier.

This month I did not notice much if any improvement in regards to my visual field, but I don’t mind because that also means that there were significantly less migraines. With publication and a handful of social events this past month I have been both extremely busy and in all downtime completely preoccupied. It was odd not having the time to focus on therapy as  much as  I would have liked. This was definitely a result of my choices so I know if I want to speed things back up I will have to refocus and get to work. I imagine that I will catch up where I fell behind over the next couple months at most.

This month despite not being active in a gym setting, I managed to walk an average of seven kilometers a day which has helped me improve my gait. I cannot believe that I have almost been home for eleven months now and am just starting to adjust to  being here haha. I think it’s about time I got back into fit mode and started training in either running or pole fitness again or maybe something completely new.


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