Why so unkind

If you do not have anything good to say do not say anything at all. Just one of those things they used to say to us as children that so many people do not carry on with throughout life. If you cannot treat someone with kindness and respect you should leave them be and not interact with one another. If you dislike or hate someone and think that making them feel bad in any way will make you feel better; you are wrong. If you cannot solve your disputes or deal with your issues like adults just keep them to yourself.

One of the things that I do not understand about human behavior is why so many people are so horrible and cruel to one another. Treating each other how we ourselves would like to be treated would go a long ways in present day society. Maybe if more people kept this in the back of their minds the world would be a kinder more enjoyable place. Imagine what the world would look like if we all tried to gain perspective and understanding instead of hating one another for anything.

Why do so many people expect others to treat them like royalty when they treat everyone around them like peasants? I do not see why someone would think that is acceptable when we are all looking for equality in life. Who cares if “Joey” lives a different life than you or likes different things. Despite societal expectations there is not enough room for all of us to be like “Barbie”.


One thought on “Why so unkind

  1. I love this line: “Why do so many people expect others to treat them like royalty when they treat everyone around them like peasants?” The timing is really interesting, because I just mentioned in my blog recently that my biggest pet peeve is someone who thinks they’re royalty and can command others! It’s sad to see some people are more willing to hurt others than try to be kind. ­čÖü

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