Keep Moving Forward 

I promise that no matter your goals or the industry there will always be set backs or times when things are not moving as quickly towards your goal as you would like.This is where you need to persevere and keep moving forward your goals no matter how large or small are worth the effort. I cannot tell you the amount of times I wanted to give up on my paralysis/ stroke recovery (Mostly because I stopped counting after twenty-five).

Perseverance is something that I notice my generation lacking a lot of these days and they wonder why they are not successful. This makes me glad that my mother made me take nine years of martial arts as a child. I may have hated most of it, but it still taught me the discipline I needed to be successful in all other areas of life.

As difficult as moving forward can be it is very important if you ever want to achieve anything. Then there are goals that are other’s expectations mirrored onto us, and those goals suck. It is even more difficult to reach a goal when you have no interest and the drive behind it is not your own. If someone demands that I do something or meet their expectations to meet what they think I should be doing with my life the chances of me doing it are zip, zilch, zero, none. Doing something just to maintain face and entertain certain people is never worth it so stop trying.



2 thoughts on “Keep Moving Forward 

  1. It’s hard teaching perseverance too! I’ve struggled with it with my oldest son. The person has to want something desperately withing themselves. Good for your mom too and the martial arts!!

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