Having Dreams Is Good

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a dreamer. When someone asks me if I have dreams I respond with, “What is life without dreams.” That being said If I am not working towards achieving a goal or dream I am kind of like the living dead with no motivation or drive to do anything, similar to just floating through life adrift. No lies, I am one of those workaholics that struggles to actually take a full day off and focus on self-care.

I am at one of those weird stages in life that for some reason meeting my goals and dreams is of higher importance than taking proper care of myself. This is an approach that does not work for everyone, but for right now it suits me just fine.

Being as introverted as I am I guess it is sort of inevitable that I have always been a dreamer. There are only so many hours a week that I attempt to be social… usually only three or four, which in turn leaves a lot of hours to think about the future and all the things I could do. As much as I like to think I know what is going on and that I have it all figured out I really just take things one day at a time. Please do not ever let someone talk you down for having dreams or being a dreamer. You just do what you need to do to make it through each day.


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