You Are Worth It

You are worth every, dream, desire, and aspiration you have, so please don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. There will away be  people who don’t believe in your goals, but it’s not appropriate for anyone to tell you that you are not worthy of something for any reason at all. If someone tries to pull this stuff with you I hope that you are able to easily remove said person or persons from your life because statements like these are toxic and can be quite damaging to your being. If you let these statements go on long enough that you start to believe these statements it will mess with the way you think and may take even longer to fix.

I’ve been there so I fully understand how much these things can affect someone and how much longer it takes to fix. People like this were actually the beginning of that open door policy on friendships that I mentioned in a post earlier this week. We live in a wold where outside of our own heads every force is working against you so you can’t let your own thought process morph and be fighting against you as well. There is more than enough negativity and set backs in life that you don’t need anyone, friends, family, or mentors hating on you in any way shape or form.

In a world where we are one of billions of people we dp need to have goals to strive for to make a mark in the world. Instead of trying to become famous focus on becoming the best in your industry whatever that may be and your name will eventually speak for itself. You can do anything you put your mind to so get out there and go to great things.




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