Remember To Follow Through

Whatever your goals are, if you take steps each day towards accomplishing those goals eventually you will get there. Depending on what your goals are you may surprise yourself and complete them sooner than anticipated once you get rolling. The biggest part of achieving a goal of any size is not giving up no matter how tough it gets or if you plateau. The path to achieving anything is not a straight line it is more like a roller coaster with multiple spontaneous loops.

I’ve noticed a lot recently that people now a days would much rather quit when things get tough than see anything through until the end. If you give up on everything you commit to doing as soon as it gets tough you will never know the gratifying feeling of completing a project. If you want to be successful at anything in life you will have to learn to stick with a project to the end no matter how boring or tedious, some things just need to get done. Yes it is a lot more work than giving up, but it is also more than worth it I promise.

The saying “Nothing worth it is easy” exists for a reason. That is because it is one hundred percent true. Getting to where I am in my stroke recovery was not at all easy, but the other option was to be stuck in a wheelchair for the rest of my life, so it was worth it. Nothing you achieve in life that will give you a gratifying feeling will ever be easy, I’m sorry but it is just the truth.



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