Non-fiction My Experience 

Writing about things that actually happened can be very strenuous and even bring up trauma that you did not know existed depending on the topic. Writing Paralysis: Beating The Odds was a great experience, but there is one thing for sure, I hate writing non fiction. As much as I love how I outlined the journey covering both the ups and downs in recovery Writing it was not the same soul food I get from writing fiction. There is no escape when you are reliving three years of event week by week.

If I ever end up writing non-fiction again I think it would just be a sequel to this say “ten years post stroke where am I now’ kind of thing. Through this process I learned a lot of things and some of them I found quite hilarious. I write just like I speak so grammatically a portion of my sentence structure was backwards before editing. then there were specific words that were in almost every second line, I have decided to stop using the word thankfully in my vocabulary because of this haha.

The best thing to come out of Paralysis: Beating The Odds is definitely that it was very cathartic. I did not know that I was still holding onto anything from the stroke until I wrote the book and in a few spots had a stream of tears running down my face. If nothing else I learned that I much prefer to read non-fiction than I do to write it myself.




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