Be Gracious

No matter how bad things are for you at any given time remember that there is someone out there that has it worse. Instead of focusing on the things you don’t have focus on the things you do and learn to be grateful for each of those things. Once you switch your perspective you will begin to notice more of what you do have and less of what you assume is missing.

Personally it took a medical fiasco paralyzing half my body to find that gracious perspective to see all the things I did have. I may not have the most or the best things, but I have friends that love and support me through thick and thin, so those material things don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. If you have friends that love and support you throughout your journey you are already doing better than some people.

I was very fortunate to learn how to be gracious at a very young age as it also sorted through my real friends and my fake friends with no effort. Yes I have had my faire share of struggles, but they made me the strong person I am today so it was well worth the trade-off. I am really lucky to have over a handful of people who have been here for me through this entire process and who put up with my high level of sarcasm at all times haha.

Please start appreciating what you have instead of focussing on what you do not have focus on what you do have instead,



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