Living While Burnt Out

Throughout life we will all go through stages of burn out at different times for different reasons. Personally I seem to function in a way that I burn out often, but I become insanely high functioning at these times. Depending on what I’m doing I may take steps to reach burn out knowing that it could help me finish something sooner. In the last three and a half years alone I have burnt out more times than I would like to admit, but when half your body is recovering from something it tends to take a lot out of a person.

When I burn out for any reason the first thing that happens is hat no matter how much or how little I sleep I do not feel as if I have rested at all. This results in shifting into autopilot, and becoming robot like and not really being there mentally. Everything still happens in my daily routine, but in all honesty I do become a little more sardonic than sarcastic haha. If you ever cross paths with me during a burn out you will know because everything seems very automated and less me.

It is important that when you burn out you need to take time to meet your needs and rejuvenate because a burn out period is not going to resolve itself without some attention. We are only almost half way through the year and I have already burnt out twice over the book and editing. Now that it is done and I’m waiting for it to be available in all amazon markets I have taken a full day to just relax, I even took a three-hour nap. I feel like at least one day a week should look like this regularly.


6 thoughts on “Living While Burnt Out

  1. I agree it’s important to take the time to rejuvenate when burning out! I find that I burn out when I don’t take time to chill and do my introverty hobbies, even when I have enough sleep, and it’s usually due to too much overtime work or outgoing activities (after work dinner with colleagues, socialising with friends, outing with siblings, etc). I think you’re incredible that you become insanely high functioning when burnt out, because when I burn out, I tend to become crabby and unmotivated. I know because it just happened to me last month. 😅

    I’m glad you had a full day to relax after burning out, and hope you enjoyed the break. ❤️

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