The Pursuit of Love or Happiness

Instead of constantly looking for someone or something to complete you, become the person you need to be to complete yourself. You also need to realize that happiness comes from within so you should stop looking for it in external sources. If you are not happy with something in your live take corrective action instead of projecting it onto someone else to fix it.

once you learn to find your happiness within instead of relying on other things to make you happy, you will have more happiness than you ever got from any previous external source. It can be quite the process to find that internal happiness and a whole lot of soul-searching, but once you do you’ll have more of it than ever imagined. For me it was like finding the holy grail of happiness with the ability to turn it on and off like a light switch.

If you think that finding love with fix your long-term unhappiness, you are wrong. It will likely add more unneccessary problems and cause countless issues if you are projecting it onto them. Instead of looking for love, find your happiness first and love will come find you.




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