Writing, Editing, and More Writing

The last few weeks have been jammed packed with writing and editing and starting my second book. With a tentative release date of the fifteenth everything is moving so quickly that it is making my head spin. There has been so many mixed emotions around the book that I havent really been able to sink my usual emotional angle into my posts, sorry guys and gals. Right now i have successful started enough writing projects that I can dive into one and distract myself whenever needed.

this year I would say that I’m fairly lucky to been so busy and preoccupied, because as the anniversary of losing someone so special is just around the corner for once I’m actually holding myself together pretty well. Apparently it was a smart idea to start writing some fiction, because I have been able to completely emerge myself in the project and forget about the world around me. I will also admit that it is quite strange to be writing as much as I am in an almost numb state. If you’ve lost anyone important you likely understand that it is so much easier to focus on work or a project than it is to processes grief each time it hits over the years.

Over the ┬álast year and two different domains writing really has become my escape from the outside world. Whether It’s logging onto my laptop or breaking out the clip board with a stack of loose leaf paper, it is an almost guaranteed way to this quaint place where nothing else matters.


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