Surround Yourself With Good People

Nothing feels better than surrounding yourself with the right people. Whether you are introverted or extroverted may dictate how much or how little good people exposure you need, but it’s in our nature. I can go at least ten days before needing to interact or socialize with people, but we are all different as some people need this daily. When I say good people I really mean your people, the ones that share common interests, support you through thick and thin and generally just love you unconditionally.

For Example for the first time in months I went to a social thing with some friends and laughed like I haven’t in months, at one point I was almost in tears. It was almost as if no time had past and it was an overall great time. I have been extra introverted to the point of cancelling my regular activities to deal with my stress levels lately so it was great to have a successful night out.

Also recently, this last weekend to be exact I met up for ¬†coffee with a friend I hadn’t seen in almost four years. We had written to each other through snail mail so we had a brief idea of what had been going on in each other’s lives, but it was not the same. It was like a day had not passed, we picked up exactly where we left off full of deep meaningful conversation. I may be limiting my socializing, but it seems to be a lot more meaningful this week so I must be doing something right.




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