Lonely Vs. Alone

It is a common misconception in today’s day that if you are alone you should automatically be lonely, When really you should be able to enjoy your alone time for you time where you focus on your needs that are not being met in any area of life. We are all unique and individual people so why are so many people looking for their better half not realizing or acknowledging that you are a full and complete person and don’t constantly need someone around to feel good about yourself.

I’m one of those people who does extremely well-being on my own because not only do I enjoy my own company, but I also love how much more productive I cn be without the distractions of someone else being there. Yes there are times where it definitely does get lonely, but for me being alone just means productive peace and quiet. It likely helps that other than writing I have enough hobbies that if uninterrupted I could be busy for the next several years.

Instead of constantly complaining about being lonely when you are alone, get a hobby or maybe a few. I promise that making yourself busy and expanding your horizons will fill that void once you find the right fit for you. Almost a year ago now I found a few of my right fits and honestly can’t believe that almost a year has gone by. For the most part I have been too busy to even notice that I’m single. I know one day I’ll find my “partner in crime”, but quite frankly I have too much going on and am gearing up to go back to school in 2018 so I don’t even have the time right now.




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