Are Your Priorities Right

If your goals are actually important to you and you intend on meeting you timeline you know that in order to get things done something will have to give. This usually turns into cutting down on the amount of time one spends socializing so that you can put more effort towards those goals. You will notice that people who realize what their time is worth and how important their goals are work towards them daily. some of them often spending every free waking moment working towards those goals.

No matter what your goals are, if they are important to you they should definitely be one of your top priorities. For example; as many of you already know how during the final crunch of the first draft of my up coming book I cancelled everything. All plans got rescheduled, and anything unnecessary got cut completely and I basically locked myself in a room for a week only leaving for food, caffeine or hygiene reasons. If you realized how valuable your time is you would take the needed steps to put one hundred percent effort in and reach your goals sooner as well.

Knowing all the things I want and need to get done before I go back to school in about fifteen months every day is crunch time. I have big goals to reach to be able to comfortably focus on school without having to worry about writing the next books in a series. This has led to a lot of long write days lately because apparently that is just how I roll. Motivated or not I know where the story needs to go in order for it to all workout so each day I crack down and between editing and writing have been averaging eight to ten-hour days.

How important are your goals?



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