Know When To Give In

There comes a point where the fight is not worth fighting anymore and one ends up passively avoiding it no matter what it is. Eventually we realize that no matter what it is there is no point in fighting for it or about it. For me I got to this point after the stroke when the only thing I had the energy to fight for was my recovery. Everything else I would have said anything about got a blind eye. I don’t walk away because I don’t care, I walk away because I know I won’t win the battle and I have much more important things to focus my energy on.

This is a big part in the cycle of not caring about things that don’t affect us directly. This is the reason I left the performing scene there was too much drama based of others insecurity and these were grown ups supposedly… I was sick of fighting other people’s drama and that is why to this day anyone that tries to start drama or drag me into other people gets shown the metaphorical door. As some say “not my monkeys not my circus” too me it directly represents that if it doesn’t include me I don’t want to get involved. Yes I’ll show empathy depending on the situation, but that’s not the same as caring or getting involved.

Now a days I know how much easier it is to avoid confrontation as much as possible and just focus on my path and meeting my goals each step of the way… it probably helps that I’m an introvert and cannot tolerate unnecessary crap. My biggest focus is just trying to maintain a peaceful and positive state along the way. That being said anyone that gets in the way of that peaceful state is promptly removed because I can’t change how they are but I can change where they stand and out-of-the-way is the best place for that.


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