Live For You

Instead of trying to live up to everyone else’s expectations of you just focus on living up to your own expectations of yourself. As long as you are happy and not causing anyone any harm who cares about what anyone else has to say. If you are like me and have a family that tries to portray this image and make sure to do anything they can to have control of your life this can be hard.

To live for me I had to basically disown a bunch of people who clearly did not understand that they did not get a say in what I do or how I live my life. It was difficult at first, but now it is very peaceful and freeing… I wish I had done it 4 to 7 years sooner. It is wonderful not having someone breathing down my neck each time I do something they don’t agree with. Since doing that I have learned that another part of freedom is being able to do things and make decisions without judgement. Instead of getting hate from polar opposites I now spend time with my people and don’t have to worry about anything.

If you’re the black sheep of the family you may understand what it’s like to not have any ties to your family and get how it is necessary to just leave at some point. Living for me got my first book written and my second book started so I think I’m doing something right here. Theres also been the introduction of this odd thing called happiness, yeah strange that removing stressful haters would leave a person happier,,, not.




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