Learn To Have Fun

Despite what you may think life is nowhere as serious as you think. Just as they say it’s the little stuff that matters and don’t sweat the little stuff. If you’re one of those people who is very tightly wound I would suggest that you start by taking five to ten minutes a day to have fun and or relax. No matter what is on your plate it will be easier to do and higher quality if you are less stressed about it.

Trying to learn to have fun and chill out was how the solo dance parties came into play. Normal people take coffee and lunch breaks, but I take dance breaks in those times to get the endorphins going and my energy levels back up… definitely a perk of essentially being your own boss in the indie publishing realm. I may not go out and dance in bars with friends, but I do get several hours of dancing in each week doing it my way.

Another big part of learning to have fun is taking a step back from the fast lane if you can and living life at your own or a slower pace. Thankfully I had the option to live my way when I did because I was very close to the breaking point right before the write life came into play. The most important part in learning to have fun in my opinion is taking time each day to just do one thing that brings you joy. For me it is as simple as a couple of solo dance parties when I need a break, but this could be anything else for you.




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