Break Free

In a world where it gets harder and harder to find genuine happiness break free of anything or anyone that takes away from your state of being. This could be toxic workplaces or bad friends or even unhealthy relationships. One of the things you will have to do to do this is stop caring about these things or people because you will need to realize how you can’t change how those people are, but you can remove them from your life.

Recently I had to break free of a toxic relationship that lasted almost two decades so I fully understand how difficult it can be to get out of them. It truly depends on how badly  you want the situation to improve. For me One day I realized that I have worth and deserve happiness so I went and got all methods of communicating with them blocked so that even if they called I wouldn’t get the call. After some thought I broke down every conversation we ever had and how much said person had try to destroy my being and who I was as a person because I wasn’t living their ideal white picket fence life. In case nobody told you; you are and always will be worth happiness and peace.

One of the hardest things ive ever done was cutting this person out, but each day since cutting them out gets exponentially easier. It is eye-opening how just removing one destructive person has brought so much light and joy into my life. No wonder there is much more happiness in my life and significantly less stress.




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