Be Yourself and Be Proud

No matter what you thin is flawed about yourself, instead of hating those flaws why not embrace each uniqueness that is you. Yes there are going to be people who judge you on your appearance, but if they can’t see past the surface you really should not be listening to what they have to say anyways. Yes I get pimples and have stretch marks, but the scaring is part of my story of how we all got to where we are today so why are we still hating ourselves for such shallow things.

I Will admit that years ago I struggled with this too, after the stroke and the weight gain there were these brand new stretch marks on my legs and arms and it was very defeating until I learned to see them as a mark of my journey.  instead of trying to mask each flaw go out there and embrace them. there are few things more attractive than someone who knows what their flaws are and embraces them. It is much better to be the person that knows and accepts what they know their deficits are than  someone who blindly thinks their perfect and better than everyone else.

It can be difficult to come to peace with your own flaws, but it changes ones perspective on a lot of things once you do. None of us are perfect despite what some may think so stop aiming for perfection and try focusing on being a good person instead. Imagine what the world would be life if we stopped caring about vanity and focused on being good people or making the world a better place.




5 thoughts on “Be Yourself and Be Proud

  1. Great post and I agree! Why not focus on being a better person or make the world a better place, rather than vanity? I’d like to think of that as the reason why I have a terrible fashion sense; I have better things to focus my energy on. 😛

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