Chase that Passion

Whether its work related or life related when you find something that sparks that fire inside you, pursue it and make it a success or a lesson. Even if it does not work out you will be glad that you chased that feeling and you will not have any regrets about it. The last time I did this was quitting my job to heal and write my book, yeah I would have more money right now if I had kept the job, but happiness and health were much more important at the time.

Yes I knew it wasn’t the brightest idea, but my intuition has never led me in the wrong direction. ten months later and I’m still making it work so following my gut and chasing the passion was the right way to go. Not only am I doing what I love, but I am also so close to publishing that first book and am already working on the second.

Chasing your passion could also relate to your personal life, like your relationships, but in my experiences my intuition has repeatedly reminded me that things were not going to work out in that department. Still took a valuable lesson out of each one though. Whatever it may be in any aspect of life chase that passion because in a world that is so dark and twisty we could use a little more happy, passionate people.


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