Life Is All About The Little Things

Instead of always focusing on the big picture and always being disappointed start to acknowledge the minor stuff. Focussing on the little wins and small joys each day truly makes a difference in how one sees everything. For example instead of hating your living situation, just be thankful that you have a roof over your head. instead of complaining about food be happy that you get to eat. Not everyone around you is in as nice of circumstances, remember that others have it worse.

One of the things I learned during the recovery process of my stroke was to focus on the small improvements each day. When looking at the fact that fine tuning fine motor skills could still take years and that is daunting. Celebrating each little win brough a lot of sunshine into a world that was quite dark. Now for the most part each day even if it is gloomy, is filled with an obnoxious amount of sunshine.

Yes there are going to be difficult times as well as ups and downs in life, but what you chose to see and believe is what you are going to focus on and attract. So why not see the positive things and attract more of them by focussing on them. Try to see the positive of each situation and I assure you things will get brighter and more optimistic every day.


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