Trust Your Gut

We were born with intuition for a reason, when it comes to making decisions or avoiding certain situations listen to your gut. If you get a bad feeling don’t do something or get out of the situation. From first hand experience I can say that listening to that bad or off feeling I got definitely has helped me make the better decision more than once. If you are not going to listen to your friends I would definitely suggest you start listening to your body.

I can also say that not listening to my gut has resulted in some less than fun situation too so start working with your body and intuition until you get to a point where you trust what your body is telling you. I used to rack my brain over ever decision due to anxiety, until I realized that my body always tells me the right way to go in each situation. listening to my body has made things a lot less complicated, It is similar to heads and tails with a little more trust and a lot less probability involved in the process.

Trusting my gut has got me a heck of a lot further than being a hermit arguing with anxiety. Instead of making a pros and cons list to end up siding with anxiety, I’m anxiety free trusting my body to make the right decision. It has been a freeing process learning to trust my gu and I am really glad I started it.




One thought on “Trust Your Gut

  1. Good post! I think it’s important to trust our intuition. I’m still working on listening, so I bought a crystal pendulum a few weeks back! I’ve read how it works, that our intuition makes subconscious movements in our fingers to move the pendulum according to the answers to our questions. But I haven’t been able to get it to consistently answer questions yet (even obvious ones like “Is my name Nicolle?”), so it’s still a work in progress. 😛

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