Back to Reality 

Sigh… getting almost three weeks of mostly uninterrupted me time was fantastic. For the first time since before the stroke I actually feel like I’m ready to tackle all my goals and plans. Even though I was on Staycation I still managed to spend most of my time writing, which is totally okay with me. Other than when I went out all I heard was music and my own thoughts so that was nice. I’ve been back at my house for just a couple of days now and honestly I could happily do it all again.

There was so much peace and quite that even when I was Jamin out to music that I still maintained a meditative state. Needless to say I found myself very centered in all aspects and thankfully am still feeling that way. Being the nerd I am I had a schedule of working out and writing daily and I even managed to get more done than I had originally anticipated. I even pushed myself out of my comfort zone and did some new things. Even I was shocked by this as each day usually consists of the same tasks sometimes in a different order, but rarely ever do I feel the need to go out and try new things.

This break from my normal day-to-day showed me that I have been ignoring some of my self care because I had thought I was doing great haha. The biggest difference over the last three weeks was actually only that I removed all expectations of myself and just took it one day at a time. The collaboration I had been working on went great and each piece written for the project was so incredibly well done. In my eyes it was a success not just for the content, but also for the new friends we made in the process.

Even with a few rough days the month of April has further proved that 2017 is going to continue to be a great year for me. I wonder what is in store next.




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