Life’s Surprises

I promise no matter your lifestyle or beliefs that life will always throw you a curve ball to keep you on your toes and remind you to be thankful of how far you have progressed in your journey whatever that may be. No matter how great things are going there will always be stuff going on that we fight or struggle with, in the end it’s really just how you get through those situations.

Despite doing as well as I am in my own recovery there are still moments where my affected side can throw an unexpected curve ball my way. Yesterday for example I was walking to the store and the muscles in my leg lost all sensation and forgot how to walk properly… thankfully I remember how to hobble my way through those moments. Times like these can be quite deflating, but I’ve learned to just see it as a hiccup in the process and am able to usually just move forward. In the beginning when things like this happened it used to result in a lot of frustration and sometimes even tears, but given that it is out of my control I just take it with a grain of salt.

I know certain situations can feel like they are the end of your world, but as cliché as it is it really does get better. Whether that means waiting out a situation or gaining some perspective it will happen. Just always remember that your life is a product of your actions and that you can make the changes when you don’t like how things are going.




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