Find Your People

Yes we all have friends, but are they your people. By your people I mean the people you know that can hold a conversation on any topic and keep it interesting and going. I would say that less than a handful of my acquaintances and friends are my people. I have not being doing the greatest lately and was feeling a little stagnant so I went out on a whim and went to a drop in writer’s group tonight for the first time. I knew when I walked into the room that they were my people, the vibes were right.

Probably one of the best spent nights I have had In months, We laughed, we joked, we shared and gave each other feed back. If there’s one thing I have learned about finding your people whether it’s physically or metaphorically they welcome you to the group with open arms and just keep you included and value your imput. They are the ones who don’t care where you came from or they just want you there and included. This was pretty awesome because before tonight I had two of my people in the city I live, the rest of them are nine hours or even more away.

From someone who lives like clockwork and rarely changes or does anything out of the normal It was great to switch it up and try something new. More often than not I would rather hang out by myself and be introspective than go and meet new people, but finding more people who are your kind of people will make you feel really great and energized.

Go find your people,



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