The Staycation Continues

I’m onto house two for the last eleven days of my three weeks alone and I’ve started taking care of myself again. From relaxing in the dry sauna before my nightly meditations to my first run of the season indoor, It was only three miles this morning, But I feel amazing and I’m really glad I ordered pizza and carbed up the night before.

Normally I would not suggest taking an entire season off but taking January to now off to let my body catch up in my recovery was great, running at a 6 mile an hour pace for half an hour on a treadmill was so easy, so apparently I needed the break. I’m amazed and proud because only once before today had I successfully run without any aid not even sports tape. Spring is here and My body is ready to get back down to 8-10% body fat. First run of the season was a breeze and I can’t wait to go for my evening run which may or may not be outside now that I’m close to trails and side walks.

I hope you are all having a great week,



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