We All Need to Heal

Caught up in the  hustle and bustle of daily life it can become easy to forget that everyone is going through their own struggles. Recently I’ve been bothered by running into quite a few people who don’t understand that everyone has their own struggles demonstrated by the phrase, “I don’t understand Why the world is always working against me.” That’s the first place you’re going wrong. Everyone is on their own journey and no one is trying to interfere you just need to learn to focus on your path and start living intentionally.

For Example how do you expect to live a life full of happiness and love when you are busy hating everything and everyone… Just stop. If you want love you need to give love so stop giving hate. Once you realize that you can control all of that just by living out of love and happiness you will start feeling love and happiness coming your way. I have become a firm believer in what you put into the world you get back three-fold from experiencing it personally.  There were years of my life where I was chronically depressed and hateful until I started living from a foundation of eternal love to everyone and thing I encounter.

Every ounce of our lives are a direct result of our values, thoughts and actions, so If you don’t like the way your life is going or the bath you’re on just decide to change it. Don’t go around self loathing or hating others for your decisions, just change your decisions. Make the right changes and surprise life will start playing out how you want it to. instead of just existing and hating your life from your heart as well as purposefully and I promise things will improve.




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