Blindly Surviving

via Daily Prompt: Blindly

Quite literally since the day my optic nerve was cut and I lost more than just peripheral vision, I’ve been blindly getting through each day. Most of the time this is A-Okay, but it has also resulted in walking into cement pillars and cutting off part of a finger print accidentally. If I could go back and reclaim my vision I wouldn’t because there are a lot of things I wish I hadn’t seen in life.

People try to pity me for losing some of my sight, but they don’t understand tat after the things I have experienced in life I love being able to literally turn a blind eye to things. For example when I notice an ex in public I can turn my head only five to ten degrees and bam they’re gone and I can just pretend I don’t see them waving at me. It’s not the nicest thing I could do, but it is  definitely the easiest.

I also don’t mind not being able to get my license in the forseeable future. The world needs more people to care about the environment and take transit or carpool instead anyways. For me I don’t mind mindfully contemplating life while not having to drive where I’m going. Some of my most relaxed hours of the week are on the bus between destinations because there are no worries while i’m not in control of the situation.

There are a couple of downsides, that I still to this day find highly entertaining three years later. I have a tendency to walk into cement pillars and door frames with my shoulders and face. In the moment it can be painful, but about ten seconds later the comedy of the moment kicks in and I’m laughing harder than the people who witnessed it.




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