We All Grow

As life happens we change and grow, this can be anything from losing someone special or even yourself, separation, big changes in life or something medical. Personally the growth in my life in no particular order has come from:

  1. Losing Someone Important
  2. A Big Change
  3.  Medical Fiasco
  4. Losing Myself

1.  There have been a lot of deaths in my family/ friends my whole life, but I never really felt it until I lost one of the most important people in my world. there were a lot of days were it almost broke me over the last three years, but it truly helped me grow. Her death changed the way I lived my life entirely. It was a reality check into how tomorrow is not guaranteed and how I needed to start living life to the fullest and be me after I figured out who I was.

2. The first big change for me was when I moved away from home to the next province over being about eight and a half hours from home. This was an awesome opportunity and helped me grow in so many ways. For the first time in my life nobody knew my name Which gave me the anonymity to just find myself and find more of my “people” On this adventure that totalled almost a year in total I met some of my best and most genuine friends and was able to figure myself out for the most part under the radar.

3. For me My medical fiasco and continued recovery that happened in January 2014 was one of the best experiences of my entire life I didn’t just grow I became a better person. I needed to learn to see things from another angle and I definitely did that while spending the next three years trying to recover as much as possible, Probably why I wrote a book about it haha.

4. I have lost myself more times than I can count, I’m pretty sure I spent my whole life lost just kind of existing until the medical fiasco and the loss of someone special. It took something that almost broke me just to find myself, but I wouldn’t change a thing other than still having a sister, that would be nice. Everything happens for a reason and I live my life purposefully now so that’s great. There have been many upward battles but I grew stronger and became who I am today.




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