Staycation Realities

Yesterday evening after spending a day planning out some S.MA.R.T. goals for the next couple years that I have totally turned into one of those adults that can’t take a vacation. So far I’m continuing to just try to write which is failing because I have too much on my mind. On the up side It has been raining a bit here and it seems to have washed away most of the sand and gravel off the roads so I’m hoping to start running again tomorrow. As soon as spring hits I start sleeping less as my brain realizes that the anniversaries of quite a few deaths are coming up. I’m glad that all of this hits only a couple of weeks before I can run because physical activity is the only good distraction and release.

Despite all the reminders and the lack of sleep I am still having more good days than bad, which came as a surprise. It is a little inconvenient to only be able to concentrate on the most random unnecessary things though. While basically on vacation is not the most ideal thing to be doing, really brain I feel like there are allowed to be weeks where I don’t need to be planning my life out. It’s a downfall of being one of those people who rarely does anything spontaneous, Unless I’m with my closest friends.




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